Saturday, 7 March 2015

How long a ‘moment’ is?

‘Moment’ is an informal way of referring to time, I feel. It tells about the duration of an event taking place in a certain stretch of time. We hear people blabbering about ‘happy moments’, ‘joyous moments’, ‘helpless moments’, ‘pleasing moments’ and those ‘anguished and miserable moments’. Not even a single day  passes when we do not intercept any ‘sentence’ flowing through air which does not contain this particular term ‘moment’.

 It is simply incongruous for me to figure out what the exact duration of a ‘moment’ is. Is it as small as the mathematical notation called epsilon "ɛ" in differential calculus or is it as enormous as the infinity itself? When any person sees something which is highly unexpected, he gets perturbed for an instant. The so-called ‘moment’ could be as small as ‘epsilon’. For a convict lodged in a prison in absolute isolation, a ‘moment’ could be a prolonged period of time, say 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 years or so, depending upon the tenure he has to serve inside the prison. This is because the string of thoughts reigning within his mind remains the same over an extended period of time, implying that a ‘moment’ of his thrives very long.

 I am of the belief that a ‘moment’ is made up of a cohesive stream of thoughts and thought-mediated actions, which survives for a definite period. Not to mention, a ‘moment’ leads to the next one once the cohesiveness of the thoughts gets snapped.

                                                                                                   --- to be continued 

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Life of Jesus - a movie

Why these rumours about me?

Because I committed a just offence,
That of loving another human without a fence,
Oh! It isn’t a just offence, it is a crime,
The heinous crime, a kind of grim one.
Forget not to tell me, I have betrayed trust.
That’s why these rumours about me.

Because I never talked to them so politely,
For I used to regard things so lightly,
Never I talked out of love to them.
I growled at them, much like in a wartime game,
I dropped my courtesy, my manners, my ethics.
That’s why these rumours about me.

Because I obeyed not their command,
For obedience leads away from reprimand.
The amount of loyalty is judged by the degree of submissiveness,
Not of innocence, not of humbleness but only of orderliness.
I never abided by their calls; told only lies
Now I feel why these rumours about me.

Because I climbed to mountain’s cliff,
With heavy hearts; hopeless about life and its beliefs,
Yelling, shouting, crying my hearts out, I said
I don’t deserve a life, for they said
Life is only for them who are happy and gay
Oh! That’s why these rumours about me.

Because full of remorse at the cliff, I cried
“Forgive me for whatever I did, whenever I lied”,
I called out to the Lord, “Accept my apology, my Master”,
For I plunged myself into the air, memories flashing back thereafter
I have committed a sin; I thought and thought during the fall
Alas! I realized why was these rumours about me.

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