Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Friction - from philosophical perspective

          Friction, as we apprehend from science, is the force which tends to resist the motion of moving objects usually but only a few times does it support an object to pursue its movement. For instance, it helps a body to accelerate upon application of force. From philosophical point of view, the analogous of friction is 'hurdles' and 'barriers' that come in our way during our journey to our goals. These hurdles, like friction, tend to stop our progress most of the time. But they have their contribution in our success, if we remain consistently determined throughout our pursuit. Such notion depends upon our belief. Considering 'friction' as hindrance, which has a strong demoralizing effect, we can't proceed any further. However we take it the other way, as a means of boosting our determination, as a test of our perseverance,  as a barometer of our willingness to stay focused, we could perceive its meaning. 

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